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Present Dad.

John Mullane is Future Dad. He is an award-winning producer, songwriter, mixer and composer based in Halifax, NS. 

Origin Story.

As the driving force behind the band In-Flight Safety John made records, toured the world then pressed repeat for over a decade. The band kicked off its career with a glowing, and out of the blue, endorsement from David Bowie. Their cinematic and uplifting music left an indelible mark on the east coast of Canada and beyond.  Always the producer in the band John honed his technical chops. He slowly transitioned the studio space into an artist-friendly song factory and began working full time as a producer, mixer, composer and songwriter 2015.

His love of recording started with a 4-track in 1999. To this day he is always listening and always challenging his technical skills in search of creating the best song possible. He is music obsessed and considers working on other's projects a true privilege.

As a songwriter he has had songs appear top 30 charts around the world. One of his proudest moments was Model Homes being playlisted on BBC Radio. His songs have appeared in The Office (NBC), Vampire Diaries (CW), Gyspy (Netflix) and in Dell, Telus and Toyota campaigns. He has worked along side incredible directors and scored feature films, television series, and documentaries – always looking for an understated way to help tell a story.

He lives in North End Halifax. He is a partner, a father of 3, a self proclaimed donut connoisseur, and barista for toddlers.

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